Statement of Faith

What We Believe...

We Believe that God is the only eternal and self-existent one. That this essence is shared in complete and constant harmony in and as the Father (YaHWeH), the Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit. That He is creator of all things visible and invisible and that He alone is the source and sustainer of all life.

We Believe the Holy Bible is the truthful expression of God's will and work. That it is intended to reveal His Person and moral character to mankind. That it presents a single and universal means by which all mankind may enter and maintain complete and constant fellowship (Salvation) with and through God.

We Believe that mankind was created in innocence, to live in fellowship with God - but by their own willful disobedience (Sin) to God – fell from that state and became morally corrupt in their thoughts and deeds. That they entered a state of existence which is offensive and objectionable to God, resulting in spiritual and physical death; as well as a disruption in the fellowship they once enjoyed with God and with one another. That the restoration of a life free from sin and reconciled to God – is mankind’s greatest present need.

We Believe that Jesus (the Christ) was miraculously joined with a body, in the womb of the virgin Mary, in order that He may offer Himself as a substitute for us – to endure God’s punishment for our sins. That in this form, He lives as God and Man. That He endured temptation without ever yielding to it. That He died without mercy on the cross, to satisfy the judgment against sin and having done so – rose again physically from the dead, by His own power and volition. That He was seen by and interacted with many eyewitnesses and has now ascended back into Heaven as God and Man - in Majesty, Power and Authority. That our faith in Him and surrender to Him is the only means of restoration and reconciliation, available to mankind.

We Believe that by faith in the person and work of Jesus (the promised Messiah), our souls are miraculously transformed through the person of the Holy Spirit – whereby we become “Born Again”. That this new life brings us into full fellowship with God and those whom He has also redeemed. That we, the redeemed, are now citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven, baptized into the family of God (church) and are given supernatural grace gifts to engage and oppose the powers of darkness in this world. That we, the church, are subject to the will and purpose of God, called to love and are sent to bear witness of Jesus Christ and to advance His Kingdom in this present age.

We Believe that Jesus is coming again! That upon His return, He will sit as judge of all of mankind's thoughts, intentions, communications and actions. That He is just and wise in His judgment and as judge, Jesus alone will sentence the ungodly to everlasting punishment; but to His redeemed He will share of His life, presence, and glory – forever. Amen.